Located at the intersection of Broadway and 174th Street in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. WINDOW PLANE BILLBOARD presents a fragmented narrative of an implicit crash involving a toy airplane, the reflection of a truck, and a cracked window. Incorporating elements not uncommon to the space surrounding a billboard, the real, represented, and implied skies skew the viewer’s environment when looking up. This billboard is part of my SINGLESPACE project, a series of diptych images  appearing on various formats including postcards, prints, a poster, and a pocket-sized field index. 

Because I am not part of the Washington Heights community and do not speak Spanish, I really wanted to make sense of my work being placed there. I had stickers made of the billboard image and taped them to wooden skewers creating mini billboards. On two separate occasions, I stood within view of the billboard and handed out free stickers to passersby. At first people would ignore me thinking that I was trying to sell something. Without using words though, I would point to the billboard and then show them the sticker on a skewer. Exclamations of, “Oh!” or “Ahhh!” would follow, and they would take the mini-billboard with a smile.

In effort to create an awareness of safe behavior as one moves through this intersection or any space, the mini billboard stickers are reflective. The artist encourages you to apply these reflective stickers to bikes, helmets, skateboards, bumpers, and beyond!
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