Dollar Days: Cash & Carry

My thesis exhibition Dollar Days: Cash & Carry addressed the realities, fiscal and otherwise, of graduation while playing with merchandising and the manipulation of value.

I packaged for sale my studio materials (toys, games, home decor, craft and building supplies, and other second-hand items that I collected over the years), creating vignettes based on theme, color, shape, and other qualities. These “products” were available for purchase starting at $5 and up and could be used as: imaginative games, kits for making art, for their original function (i.e. string can be used to tie something up), or as art objects in and of themselves.

Kickstarter campaign: Art beyond the object? Art beyond grad school?

The goal of my fundraiser was to enable the production of my last semester’s work and thesis exhibition, and also to aid in the post-graduation transition to a sustainable social art practice. The Kickstarter platform provided a new way of accessing and distributing my work and ideas. My campaign can be seen at: