Rumor Bingo

Pioneer Works, Brooklyn

How do we as individuals relate to the things we hear and say about others? How do those words change meaning when taken out of context?

Rumor Bingo is a social game that creates space to discuss our ideas about truth and lies/rumor/fiction. Using bingo cards stocked with conversation prompts that draw from politics, entertainment, technology, conspiracy, schoolyard, and beyond, players of all ages will mingle and find out who “kissed a girl,” who “didn’t inhale,” and who “is illegal.” These phrases can be interpreted and elaborated upon freely, and each conversation not only gives the opportunity to play with the truth, but also ticks a square. Get bingo, and win a prize! As bingo cards are turned in and redeemed for prizes, the “dirt” from each card will be shared in real time using a variety of methods—through posted flyers, a ticker, and a one-page newspaper.


Scandalous Times

August 13, 2017 – Produced in real-time during Rumor Bingo at Pioneer Works (Brooklyn). Based on actual Rumor Bingo cards.

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